​Internet Marketing Specialist

  • ​Wrote all copy

  • ​Optimized all pages for search results

  • ​Shot and edited all photographic images 

  • Monetized with related product links​​

  • Secured domain name

  • Designed with Website Builder

  • Maintain website

​Layla's Dog Emporium

Marketing Copywriter 

  • Bid on and won a contract at Upwork.com for a remote copywriting contract  

  • Wrote product descriptions for 48 products for laylaspetemporium.com based on the voice and style requested


  • Coordinated page content with multiple stakeholders
  • Collaborated with the Social Media team
  • Prepared marketing e-mail, billboards, print ads and more for the Regional Team
  • Developed content for Alumni Association



Apollo Group, Inc.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA                 2008-2010

Marketing Copywriter 

  • Wrote and edited copy for phoenix.edu and other company websites including:
  • Localization
  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Updates​
Ascend Learning
Chandler, ARIZONA    
March to AUGUST 2017

Marketing Copywriter

  • Support new version product launch for NASM CPT with copy for all related deliverables including a series of promo emails, copy for a website refresh on pages including informational and shopping cart descriptions, internal announcements and more 
  • Daily email marketing pieces for AFAA leads and existing customers using data and best practices to drive open rates with quality subject lines, calls to action to drive click-through rates and more.
  • Refresh, update and create various landing pages for afaa.com
  • Create content for afaa.com to make the home page more user friendly on mobile
  • Integrated campaigns with print and digital deliverables for co-branded events with AFAA and NASM and various partners including Zumba
  • Contribute to NASM and AFAA brand updates 2017
  • Compose multiple updates for nasm.org including homepage rotators, and refreshes of product pages as needed